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We expert for Apple Laptop Repair Service as like Logic Board Repair, Water Damage, Screen, Keypad, Trackpad Battery,
Data Recovery etc. UTMios-Solution at Laptop Repair Service Centre Nehru Place Delhi NCR

All offered Apple Repair Services

MacBook Repair Service

MacBook Pro Screen Replacement

We know your apple is valuable and the caring this is another difficult task but you not worry about this you can play and we care your screen.

Apple Laptop Repair

MacBook Pro Battery Replacement

Do you feel that your laptop always plug-in want to get rid of this please contact-us. We will let you what you can do with your laptop

MacBook Repair Experts

MacBook Logic Board Repair

Your apple warranty is expire..!! contact-us. We repair your iMac, MacMini, Macbook, MacTower etc. logic board with 90 days warranty

Laptop Repair Service

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Do and Don't after Macbook Laptop keyboard not functioning and how to do self-diagnose before going utmios-solution service center.

macbook water damage

MacBook Pro Liquid Damage Repair

Liquid can harm your laptop but we know how to restore it. Our all Apple Mac certified technician care your laptop.

MacBook Repair

MacBook Pro Data Recovery

We recover all your data money back guarantee. When you see your data then pay no advance for Data Recovery.

What, we do with your laptop? live streaming repair process

UTMios-solution using the cutting-edge functional system that can help in machine.

For us, Success ratio isn’t really that difficult. There is a significant number of customer here in Delhi-NCR, that actually proof our achievement in repairing of there machine for us success to be hard! But For those of you who are serious about having more, doing more, giving more and being more.

We are expert for Apple MacBook Repair and their part also in reliable pricing, and satisfactory services are our primary objective. So don't delay some other moment to catch your MacBook repaired! Whenever you’re feeling whatever issues or problems on your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air, delight give us a contact.

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Who We are & Our Motto

We utmios-solution, working on PAN india programme having more than ten service center all over india in different-different location. we are specialized in apple product with old laptop stock, having Mac Book repair specialist in Delhi NCR with 15 years. “Our Motto is: We do, You See Nothing Hidden 100% transparency”. Our accuracy ratio has given such confidence to achieve client trust we having a procedure to repair your laptop with a live streaming video.

Self Diagnose, Method for apple laptop repair experts at home
FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question )

UTMios-Solution provide all support to their customer 24x7. Our self diagnose tools and self troubleshoot booklet give you brief details of your laptop issue. We have experience of more than 10,000+ customer. We have laptop repair service error log database, which almost cover all problems, which may occurred in your system. Even you can enhance our experience during your laptop service by getting same information via video recording. Our expert team available all time to give you suggestion. Some of frequently ask question which you face.

Authorized Apple Service Centre
  • We are not authorize by apple india but having certify engineer by Apple.
  • We only offer Upto 60% Off & 90 days Repair *Warranty
  • Free Diagnosis & No Fix, No Charge
  • Free Pick & Drop, 1 Day Turnaround Service
  • Repair Centers in Delhi, Faridabad & Gurgaon,Noida
Repair MacBook-Pro Logic Board
  • We are made to make mistake and it happen so don't worry!!
  • First step never switch on your laptop
  • Use light Drier or other method to let machine wet
  • Not use any chemical for cleaning only cotton dry cloth
  • Apple laptop service center usually recommended to change logic board. Our experience say only 10% logic board needed to change rest we are here
  • Firstly check apple MacBook battery by it's own diagnose tools
  • Try to check the electric supply of your area
  • If you continue to face the heating problem visit-us we will service your laptop.
  • Never use cheap/local battery it will permanently damage your laptop.
  • Contact apple telephone service center or call-us for on call support
  • Firstly check apple MacBook screen checking diagnose tools
  • Try to find black strip(around the screen) damage or any physical hit to laptop, if yes than call-us we will let you know how to handle so that your whole screen replacement cost save.
  • Never try press your screen,it may cause permanently damage.
  • We offer 60% less price for screen replacement
  • As per our experience touch panel did not damage in 90% case
  • Please confirm, if your laptop mishandle by some other vendor or your self, then if possible that cable get loose so it just fix the cable and your problem solve
  • In many case when your laptop get heat while charging the glue(a chemical) from which touch bar pasted get heated and stop working so simply it means your laptop need a service. For us we service your laptop free once in a quarter.
  • Never use any hard sharp object into touch panel
  • Call-us-+91-9971909844, if need further assistant
  • Look if you can bear the total amount of parts replacement by service center we never stop
  • Refurbish parts replacement is matter of trust and experience
  • We have huge stock of pre-owned or refurbish macbook for parts replacement now the question or original parts is close. We replace parts in front of you
  • We give 90 days parts replacement* warranty or for best price Call-us-+91-9971909844

Fix MacBook OS Upgrade Issues

  • Make sure you back up your Mac before getting started. See if you have sufficient space in your system to download, install and store the update. The next thing you need to have is an internet connection. Remember that update takes time, sometimes hours to complete.
  • Your MacBook should be plugged into AC power. Don’t put your system to sleep.
  • If the Mac seems struck for extended hours, press and hold the power button for around 10 seconds to restart it.
  • Remove drives and peripherals connected to the Mac and then try to update.
  • Try again after resetting the Mac’s PRAM. Turn off your system. Immediately after turning on your Mac, press and hold the P and R keys together for about 20 seconds to reset your PRAM.
  • There is a possibility that your MacBook is unable to reach the update server. This could be because of a slow internet connection. If the internet is slow, restart your router and modem. Also if possible, choose a wired connection over Wi-Fi.
  • Since a number of people may be trying to update at the same time, there could be overload issues with the Apple server. Check for the server issues.
  • If you still have problem, update your Mac in safe mode. To do that, turn on the system and immediately press and hold the Shift key until the login screen appears. Release the Shift key and login. Once you are in safe mode, try to update. After you are done with all the updates, exit the safe mode by normally restarting your Mac.
  • Is there still an issue with OS update? You may try to restart your Mac from macOS recovery. By doing this, you will be able to update the latest OS that is compatible to your Mac. A few simple steps to do this include: turn on your Mac, press and hold Option-⌘-R keys together, release the keys once you see the Apple logo or the spinning globe icon on your screen, Login and click reinstall macOS, and follow the onscreen instructions.

We are specilist on apple laptop repair service

We are UTMios-Solution in market since 2011, when apple product are struggling to get customer in india. We are one of them who built customer trust by giving un-conditional hasslefree service.


Apple MacBook Pro Repair

If you want to buy/sell or repair your laptop dead laptop then you reach at right destination. We are in laptop repair industry late 2000,we started from basic desktop to your apple macbook, we have experience client trusted engineer and a team who update you in every process of laptop repair. In delhi-NCR if you search for macbook repair you found-us. For all apple laptop/Desktop/iMac/iPad/iMini model you can call any time. We have ready to deliver stock item stock for repair or sell.

  • A1990 (2018)
  • A1989 (2018)
  • A1707 (2016, 2017)
  • A1706 (2016, 2017)
  • A1278 (2011, 2012)
  • A1286 (2011, 2012)
  • A1287 (2011)
  • A1398 (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • A1425 (2012, 2013, 2014)
  • A1502 (2013, 2014, 2015)

Apple MacBook Air Repair

Until your laptop in your hand it safe but if you decide to get them service with some other than authorize center make sure that you choose MacBook reputed service area not any corner shop. UTMios is an apple certify technician & third party independent delivery provider for all apple solution. We have top valued products MacBook-Pro/Air, iMac,iPad and other Apple products , e.g., the iPhone. Now question, are you confronting any MacBook matter? Don’t care, contact us today.

  • A1369(2011)
  • A1370(2011)
  • A1465(2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)
  • A1466(2012 2013 2014 2015 2017)
  • A1932

Apple iMac Repair Service

Mac repairs in Delhi-NCR a full Apple delivery center has been fixing all models of Macintosh professional, iMacs, Macbook including professional and tune, since the earliest G4s to these newest additions to apple's product line up. Our deep knowledge of Apple devices allows us to offer repairs generally much cheaper than Apple now and we get most businesses that one time they are thrown off Mac One of the important characteristics of the iMac is the “all-in-one” design, with the machine table and display integrated.


Apple iPad Repair Service

Most of us addicted to our apple gadget for this we support you all time. We UTMios-Solution provide repair service in Delhi-NCR at your door step. We believe that your gadgets need to be fixed quickly so we offer that repair service immediately without making waiting for a period of time. We also assure you about your pocket our price is un-beatable among all the vendors. We are authorize apple certify repair service provider, you can trust on us.


Apple Mac Mini Services

If you have any experienced with your Mac Mini in repair service with other service center. We are here to re-work on same issue free of cost on call cosultancy just pick your phone call-us. We are not simply restricted to repair service only between Delhi-NCR but also offer nearby area with the greatest Macbook repair services in Meerut, Agra, Chandigharh, Bharatpur etc. Being in repair service provider we aggregator for more than one decade.

  • iMacmini8,1 (2018)
  • Macmini7,1 (2014)
  • Macmini6,1; Macmini6,2 (2012)
  • Macmini5,1; Macmini5,2 (2011)
  • Macmini4,1 (2010)| Macmini3,1(2009) | Macmini3,1 (2009)

Apple Mac Pro Tower Services

Are you curious about upgrading your Mac Pro computer to be faster? We UTMios-Solution can upgrade your current RAM “Memory” or SSD Solid State Hard Drive to make your Mac Pro computer quicker so that you can get more done with the latest technology, Apple and lots of other companies are now installing these Solid State Hard Drives (SSD’s) in most computers now. We can replace or repair a tough drive even within the new Mac Pro. We do service on all Apple MacPro A1481(2013), Apple Mac Pro Server (A1289 M2012), Apple Mac Pro (A1289 M2012), Apple Mac Pro Server , Apple MacPro (A1289 M2010), Apple MacPro (A1289 E2009), Apple MacPro (A1186 E2008), Apple Mac Pro (A11186 E2008).


Why people choose us

We know only our customer, Our 70% client come by reference only, Simply, we provide you number of old can talk can discuss. *You bot charge for diagnose or estimates, *We have certified logic board repair technician, *We have refund policy for our competitive prices, *One day repair policy*, *Original Apple parts, *Live streaming of your machine* *All replacements parts guaranteed!, *You directly speak with the engineer, *More than 15 Years of experience in laptop/Desktop repair, *90 days repair warranty

All Apple MacBook/iMac/iPad 100% original parts !!

Apple MacBook Pro -All models / Apple Air -All models / Apple MacBook -All models / Apple iMac -All models / Apple iPad -All models / Apple iPhone All models

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UTMios-Solution are not claiming one on top repair service, we believe you can ask directly from our customer. We have thousands of satisfied customers across India. Also, let us know that we have many advanced tools for diagnosing Apple devices and our service price is very low compared to other Apple repairing centers in the market. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We keep writing blogs from time to time for Apple device related support to the our customers and explained problems of the apple devices.

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