Logic Board or Mother Board is the main component of your laptop. We belive when your system not start or you have knowledge that only due to logic board your macbook not function, our advice is to not open laptop self without any prior knowledge.

What We do, with your MacBook Logic board?

We specialise in apple logic Board component fixing on both MacBook and MacBook Pro system panels. That includes that original colorized MacBooks, MacBook pro Retina, and MacBook pro’s from 2009-current! Our fixed rate evaluation allows you to know just how much it would need to fix the system card if we are fortunate. We fix boards with all sorts of topics including liquid cost!


Door substitutes on the Apple Macbook are the most common fix that we end on Macbooks. Some of the better models we look for surface substitutes are apple Macbook Pro and Macbook retina. There are lots of regular falls and freak accidents that may cause harm. If the door stops or has fallen pixels, our door repair service will make everything up. We will also assist with hard road repairs, hardware upgrades, disk drive repairs and battery replacements. In the start of Apple MacBook, Viruses from hackers were not realized since more pc’s were ready so macbook’s back in this time. There exist some known Macbook viruses are involving Macintosh of all sorts. They all develop from wjat we tell Adware and Malware via phony net installers, shareware, and deluges. If not corrected viruses, spyware and adware may still create the business safety vulnarable of theft. Other reasons may exist If the MacBook is painfully slow, not working on or different hardware symptoms.

Our Suggestion

Dependent on the MacBook logic board, we are feeling, the repair may be viable rather than a full MacBook Pro keyboard switch. On some MacBooks, issues , e.g., wet keys may be fixed by removing the single list and cleaning underneath it. But if the device’s problems are more complex, or you have the newer version, you’ll likely have to change the whole situation.We also suggest that you may opt for the repair over the replacement, we provide the 90 days warranty and a trust that we got after 15 year, we made you assure that your system going to in correct hand and we will repair not play.

We always recommended that before any system failure solution make a call, please call us for any un-seen error. you can also mails us your problem with video recording of your system.

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