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Apple Macbook Air Liquid Damage Solution

We UTMios solution know, how terrible, it can be for you at nights and even when you wake up. The burning back pain your experience can be a terrible problem. when you found that your apple laptop having internal problem because of your late night party drink pour on it. I know that because of this burning pain, you hardly get all the sleep you need at nights. But our technician suggested that when you face this kind of situation in your lovable apple note book the solution we recommended after this you should not try to switch on your Apple Macbook air. We also advise you please follow these step

1. Clean your laptop screen: The screen is one of the more sensitive parts of your laptop, so slightly different rules apply when it comes to cleaning it. Moisten a microfibre cloth with some isopropyl alcohol and gently wipe the screen in circular or straight-line motions. Note that if you have a screen with an oleophobic layer (generally touchscreens), then you shouldn’t use isopropyl as this may deteriorate that layer over time. For these kinds of screens, use a mild non-alcoholic screen cleaner instead. Once the isopropyl has evaporated, give your screen an extra wipe with a screen cleaner like Ecomoist or WHOOSH! Both of these are alcohol-free screen cleaners designed to get rid of smudges. They also have anti-static qualities that will help the screen repel dust for longer. We have a separate in-depth guide on how to clean your laptop screen as well, for more information.

2. Clean your laptop keyboard: As per UTMios technician guidelines once you clean your laptop screen. The next step to a clean laptop is a clean keyboard properlly if you have the drier in your home you can use it anyway but make sure that the temperature of the drier. Now that you’ve vacuumed your keyboard, it should be dust-free and ready for more thorough cleaning. You could start by using some cleaning putty - a sticky, rubberised substance that you roll over your keyboard to pick up stubborn particles and debris stuck between your keys. You should also roll this putty over the speaker holes on your laptop. Once the putty has worked its magic, lightly dampen (not drench) a microfibre cloth and wipe your laptop keyboard down with it. Apply more pressure to any stains or crusty bits that may be stuck to your keys.

You are not alone and thankfully for this workable solutions that you can use to save your laptop not only to prevent future causes, but also solve the present. The pain you are experiencing in laptop damage due to un-wanted situation. Out Experts have agreed that the kind of problem you should call us at any time.

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