MacBook Pro Keyboard Repair Replacement Cost Delhi

What will my MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement/Repair Cost in India?

The MacBook Pro is a line of transportable computer systems added in January 2016 with the aid of Apple Inc. It is the higher-end mannequin of the MacBook family, sitting above the customer vary MacBook Air, and is handy in 13- and 15-inch Keyboard sizes. A 17-inch model was once reachable between April 2006 and June 2012. Because of its outstanding processor, it is one of the demanded Macbook amongst all.

Apple launched the 0.33 technology of MacBook Pro with a 15-inch Keyboard in 2012 and discontinued the 17-inch variant. The previous-generation 13- and 15-inch unibody fashions persevered to promote with up to date processors. The third-generation mannequin is thinner than its predecessor and is the first to encompass a high-resolution Retina Display. A 13-inch variant used to be launched in October 2012. The fourth-generation MacBook Pro was once introduced on October 27, 2016. The new era changed all statistics ports with USB-C, and with the exception of the baseline mannequin till 2019, changed the characteristic keys with an interactive contact keyboard strip referred to as the “Touch Bar” with a Touch ID sensor built-in into the electricity button.

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Question: My MacBook Pro Keyboard is broken and is no longer working properly. What is MacBook Pro Keyboard Replacement value in India?

Ans: You can restore your Macbook Pro Keyboard from any phase of India however the vary will fluctuate in accordance to the first-rate of the phase and the vicinity the place you visit. Basically, if you go to an approved carrier middle then the charge will be pretty excessive however if you will go to the third-party carrier core then the rate will come rather between ₹5000 to ₹7000 (approx) relying on the availability of the product.

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How to Replacing Your MacBook Pro/Air Keyboard - Guide?

The keyboard is linked to the whole assembly, which capacity you will definitely want to exchange the complete meeting if want a MacBook Pro keyboard replacement. Use this DIY information from CPR to do so.


  • To start, flip your Apple MacBook Pro over.
  • Remove the decrease case of your MacBook Pro by using unscrewing the 10 small screws that impervious the decrease case to the relaxation of the device.
  • Carefully elevate away and set apart the decrease case of the laptop.
  • Look at the warning label of covers the battery connector & peel it back.
  • Use a spudger, pry the battery connector out of its socket in the good judgment board. Then, bend the battery cables returned and out of your way.
  • Look at the three AirPort antenna cables and use your spudger to extract them from their sockets.
  • Use the tip of your spudger to push the connecting cable of the digital camera out of its socket.
  • Insert the spudger beneath the rubber cowl on the proper fan and slide it alongside the size of the mechanism to launch the adhesive, lifting the cowl and flipping it back.
  • Underneath the cover, pull the AirPort Card/Camera cables out from the fan.
  • Again the usage of the spudger, pry the rubber hinge covers off the proper and left hinges.
  • To cast off the hinges, unscrew the hinge covers and brackets.
  • Pry the I/O Board connector from the socket on the common sense board, then eliminate the I/O Board connector from the socket on the I/O Board, then cast off the I/O Board cable from the laptop.
  • Unscrew the single Torx screw that secures the AirPort card to the good judgment board.
  • Gently pull the AirPort out from the MacBook Air/Pro.
  • Free the proper fan ribbon cable from the good judgment board by flipping up the conserving flap and sliding your spudger below it.
  • There are three screws that adhere the proper fan to the common sense board. Remove them.
  • Lift away the proper fan out of the MacBook Pro.
  • Lift the rubber cowl up off of the fan on the left aspect the usage of your spudger.
  • Remove the screws that tightly closed the left fan to the common sense board—there are three of them.
  • Free the left fan from the common sense board by finding the ribbon cable, flipping up the keeping flap, and sliding your spudger under it.
  • Unscrew the small Torx screw that secures the SSD to the common sense board and pull it out of its socket on the good judgment board.
  • Flip-up the I/O Board facts cable lock the usage of your spudger and rotate it to the battery facet of the computer. Remove the I/O Board records cable lock from its socket on the good judgment board.
  • Unscrew the two Torx screws that invulnerable it to the common sense board and carry the I/O board out from the decrease case.
  • Next, dispose of the headphone jack connector, and each left and proper speaker connector out of their sockets.
  • Look at the keyboard ribbon cable and pull it out of its socket.
  • Gently pressure the trackpad ribbon cable connector out from its socket on the good judgment board.
  • Using the flat quit of your spudger, put off the keyboard backlight connector.
  • Then locate the microphone ribbon cable, flip up the protecting flap and pull it out of its socket.
  • With care, rotate the show statistics cable lock one hundred eighty levels and pull it out.
  • Near the MagSafe two connectors is a raised screw head with a rubber cap. Pry it off.
  • Six screws join the good judgment board to the higher case—remove them.
  • Now raise the good judgment board out and rotate it towards the pinnacle of the computer.
  • Push the MagSafe two connectors out from the good judgment board.
  • Lift the common sense board meeting away from the device.
  • Unscrew a single screw that holds the left rubber hinge cowl in place, slide the left hinge cowl out of its bezel, and put off it from the device. Do the identical to the proper hinge cowl (note: the screw that holds the proper rubber hinge cowl needs to have been eliminated previously).
  • Remove the top and decrease microphones from the laptop.
  • There are two screws keeping the MagSafe DC-In board to the top case. Remove them, then slide the board to the proper to free it from its recess and get rid of it from the higher case assembly.
  • Remove the headphone jack from the top case by way of unscrewing the two screws retaining it in place.
  • For each left and proper speaker, unscrew the three screws that are preserving every region and separate them from the device.
  • Next, unscrew the six screws that invulnerable the show to the top case.
  • Release the show meeting from the top case by means of gingerly pushing ahead on the top case.
  • Follow these steps in reverse to connect your new meeting to the top case.

What Are Official Apple Store Cost?

Without the AppleCare+ prolonged warranty, the charge to change your MacBook Pro’s keyboard at the legitimate Apple keep will be astronomical. Still underneath guarantee or have AppleCare+? You’ll in all likelihood be charged about $125. But that does no longer consist of keyboards that have been broken via water or different liquids. Those repairs from Apple will fee you somewhere from round $600-$1,300, relying on the measurement and nation of your laptop.